Avalon 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon, California. 13.8% ABV, $12

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2012_Avalon_CABTonight, as I work up my piano version of Leon Russell’s classic “A Song for You,” I’m enjoying the 2012 Avalon Cab. Like the song, it starts out light in the soprano range, with an amazingly clear dark magenta color, opening quickly into the depths of a pure expression of warmth, honesty, and experience. I love the cherry.

As expected from the color, this wine is a blend (76% Cabernet Sauvignon, 13% Syrah, 7% Zinfandel, 4% Merlot), although technically in the U.S. a wine can be called a single variety as long as it is made of 75% or more of that variety.

In November 2014, Wine Enthusiast awarded it a Best Buy and 88 points. “Very fruity, fresh and easy to enjoy, this has the smoothness of barrel age but little overt oak flavor. It features bright red cherry and raspberry aromas, juicy berry flavors and a texture with just enough bite to be appetizing.”

* Napa Valley: Where Cab is King. We blend grapes from our partner growers throughout the Napa Valley to create the core of our C A B. From the valley floor, to mountain vineyards, these grapes add backbone and complexity to our final blend.
* Lodi Appellation: This appellation adds what we call the “Yum Factor” that is represented in wines produced from this warmer growing region. Lodi’s “East Side” vineyard’s red soil and climate are perfect for producing rich, lush Cabernet Sauvignon that sets the stage for our final blend.
* Paso Robles Appellation: Our Paso Robles vineyard selections add a powerful elegance to the wine and shows prominently in the final blend with its dark fruit flavors, deep color and bright acidity.
* Monterey County: Monterey’s cooler climate adds bright fruit and light herbal tones that bring the final blend together. This brightness makes
C A B more versatile with a wide selection of foods which is why we refer to this wine as your “Go-To CAB”.

LABEL: Avalon Winery produces only Cabernet Sauvignon. C A B is made from grapes grown in vineyards from appellations with optimum growing conditions for Cabernet and aged a minimum of eight months in French and American oak barrels. C: Complex dark berry fruit flavors. A: Aromatic anise, spice and vanilla. B: Barrel aged for richness and toastiness. ~ Derek Benham, Proprietor.

WEB: www.AvalonWinery.com

SONG: A Song for You, by Leon Russell

Sample sent for review.

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2 Responses to Avalon 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon, California. 13.8% ABV, $12

  1. Vino Paraiso says:

    Very fruity. Best paired with meat like lamb, beef or pork.

  2. If this is part of the best wines in the market, then it surely deserves a good review like this. Well, for all consumers and wine lovers out there, it’s a big help for them to decide which one to buy that is worth their money also.

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