HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Matthew Iaconis 2011 Moscato, Lodi. 11.6% ABV. $11.99.

MAN. This will have to be one of my Wines of the Year. Absolutely fantastic. Roses, roses, and linden — perhaps the most aromatic wine I’ve enjoyed all year, with a taste that lives up to the aroma. A touch of sweetness but not an over-the-top California Moscato at all. SO well balanced, and still delicious and consistent three nights after opening. (Love screwcaps for reliability.) It’s so bloody well balanced that I ought to buy a case and keep it in-house as a special treat for company. Yes, it’s that good.

WEB: www.NakedWines.com, a wine club. Available for $11.99, or $6.99 if you become an “Angel” (sponsor of new winemakers, $40/month membership).

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2 Responses to HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Matthew Iaconis 2011 Moscato, Lodi. 11.6% ABV. $11.99.

  1. Stephen says:

    I also loved this wine, but I went to order more and they’re sold out! Can you recommend anything similar? Is there another moscato that you would recommend? Thanks!

    • Hi, Stephen, Try contacting the Angel Wines customer service. Their orders page has a glitch that occasionally reports wines as sold-out when they’re not. Could also google “Matthew Iaconis” or check wine-searcher.com.

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