PORTLAND OR BUST: Wine Bloggers Conference this week.

Dazed and amazed … stunned and honored.

First off, this humble blog, a labor of love and learning, is one of the five finalists in the 2012 “Best New Wine Blog” category. The voting is done, and award winners will be announced this coming Saturday.

Secondly, I have been awarded a fellowship to attend this year’s Wine Bloggers Conference in Portland, Oregon. WOW! Floored, once again. I’ve listed the kind sponsors below, but will be updating this post from time to time as new information comes in.

Anyhow, I’m leaving in the morning and am anticipating a marvelous week of meeting 350 fellow wine bloggers and perhaps as many others in the trade. This Momma will be packin’: a laptop, camera, webcam, and WordPress, Twitter and Facebook presence. I’ll be in touch!Editor

Thank you to the sponsors of this wonderful event.

So you might be wondering what I meant by “Portland Or Bust.” Yesterday the A/C compressor went out. I mean, a huge puddle of water underneath the thing. A heroic effort to stem the tide with towels and, later, a box fan to dry everything up. Today: a broken (?) toe and the necessity of a temporary filling for a tooth that will probably need to be extracted later on. Gremlins begone. I WILL BE IN PORTLAND! 🙂


Thanks to a partnership with Enobytes, the Wine Bloggers Conference Scholarship Fund is accepting donations as a 501(c) non profit organization.

This year’s Scholarship sponsors (corporate donors) were:
Cornerstone Cellars
Layer Cake Wines, Winemaker Jayson Woodbridge; $5,000 annual endowment

The Scholarship’s individual sponsors/donors were:
Tom Wark, “Fermentation,” The Daily Wine Blog
Amy Anderson Gross, “Vine Sleuth,” the wine blog for casual wine drinkers
Debbie Gioquindo “The Hudson Valley Wine Goddess”
Amy & Joe Power, “Another Wine Blog”
Megan Kenney, “Wannabe Wino”
Gretchen Neuman, editor at Vino Verve
Mia Malm, PR professional, Mal Communications
Liza Swift, “Brix Chicks”
Lorie Perone, “Wining Ways”
Jason Graham, Cecilia Dominic, “Random Oenophile”
Jason Phelps, “Ancient Fire Wine Blog”
Jeff Stai – Twisted Oak Winery
Leslie Sbrocco – Be a Thirsty Girl
Michaela Rondell
Russ Beebe
Beau Carufel – Beau’s Barrel Room
Denise Medrano Wine Sleuth
William Allen – Two Shepherds Winery
Frank Haddad
Caroline Henry -MissinWine
Mary Cressler – Vindulge
Rachel Voorhees
Jason Graham – Random Oenophile
Jo Diaz – Wine-blog.org

Committee members:
Thea Dwelle, “Luscious Lushes,” Scholarship Chair
Joe Roberts, “1 Wine Dude”
Megan Kenney, “Wannabe Wino”
Mary Cressler, “Vindulge”
Jason Phelps, “Ancient Fire Wine Blog”
Lorie Perone, “Wining Ways”
Grace Hoffman, “Cellarmistress”


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