[July update: DON’T] Make your own wine at Crushpad

The following post appeared in May 9, 2012. However, it seems that the business has ceased operations. I’ve heard that they aren’t answering the phone, returning emails or calls, or opening their doors. So until we learn more, we recommend that you wait if you haven’t already become involved with them.



What a neat concept: design your own wine and have it made for you. The minimum order is one barrel (25 cases) and you can form a group and allocate it among yourselves. You can select the year, the varietal or blend, and even the vineyard.

This is an approachable idea for restaurants wishing to have their own label. And, more than 150 commercial labels have been launched in the last seven years by working with this company.

WEB: http://cn.crushpadwine.com/

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  1. John Sphar says:

    To bad to loose this resource. The Bacchus Wine Club in San Carlos offers the same type of services:


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