Wine Diamonds (White Flecks)

Have you ever seen little white flecks in your wine, or little glass-like crystals on the bottom of a cork? That’s a GOOD sign! Check out this article: “Tartaric Crystals in Wine: the ‘Wine Diamonds’ of Quality.”

According to the article, “Tartaric Crystals, also known as Wine Diamonds or Wine Stones, are those white flakes you sometimes find floating in a fine bottle of wine. So what are they? Do they mean the wine is flawed? In fact, the opposite is true!”

Usually tartrates are removed by freezing the wines, a process that can significantly alter the natural structure of a wine. In contrast, according to this article, “wine diamonds are an indicator that the grapes ripened for a long time, and that the winemaker fermented the wine slowly and with great care.”

Here is another excellent article about wine diamonds:

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