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I was thrilled to attend the November 2012 EWBC (European Wine Bloggers/Digital Wine Communications Conference) in Izmir, Turkey. Like most of the conference attendees, I sampled perhaps hundreds of wines. While the conference in Izmir’s SwissHotel was stellar, I was … Continue reading

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RECOMMENDED: Pamukkale 2010 Kalecik Karasi, Denizli, Turkey. 13% ABV.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Tonight, I’m grateful for many people, events, and things, including the one bottle of wine I brought back from Turkey, the Pamukkale Wines Kalecik Karasi. Yummy with dinner! You probably won’t be able to find the Pamukkale … Continue reading

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Turkey, Part One. “Life doesn’t happen by doing the practical, sensible, or reasonable.”

Today, the third Thursday in November, is Beaujolais Nouveau Day. Yet on this day of French celebration, all I can think about is Turkey as I unwind from my week-long journey to that country, where I visited the city of … Continue reading

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