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The Cycle of Riesling

“Riesling is the grape that is bringing worldwide recognition to the Finger Lakes, but it has a curious relationship with wine drinkers. A casual drinker tends to prefer sweeter wines—usually white—and Riesling fits the profile. But as they broaden their … Continue reading

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DID YOU KNOW … A wine cooler is just that—a cooler—even if it has a thermostat.

You’ll need to use ice packs or already-chilled bottles of wine to get the temperature down to where you want it. The wine cooler has a limited ability to refrigerate and keep the temperature steady. In retrospect, I wish we … Continue reading

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DID YOU KNOW … 75% = Varietal

DID YOU KNOW: In the U.S. and much of the world, as long as a wine consists of 75% or more of one varietal (i.e. Cabernet Sauvignon), it can be blended with other types of grapes (such as Merlot) and … Continue reading

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DID YOU KNOW … You CAN Ship Wine to Your State.

This online wine store CAN ship to all states. They have acquired retail liquor licenses or warehouses in every state. Some restrictions still apply (i.e. in TX they can’t ship alcohol with more than a 16% alcohol content; a few … Continue reading

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Wine Diamonds (White Flecks)

Have you ever seen little white flecks in your wine, or little glass-like crystals on the bottom of a cork? That’s a GOOD sign! Check out this article: “Tartaric Crystals in Wine: the ‘Wine Diamonds’ of Quality.” According to the … Continue reading

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DID YOU KNOW … About Shipping Wine in the Summer

Once this summer, a shipment of six bottles of red wine arrived at our doorstep, and the heat was positively radiating from the box even before we opened it. I feared the whole shipment would be ruined, and promptly donned … Continue reading

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RECOMMENDED: Screw caps.

DID YOU KNOW … Screw caps are de rigueur these days. We are seeing screw caps primarily from New Zealand and Australia wines. According to a friend and sommelier with whom we consulted recently, screw caps guarantee a good wine … Continue reading

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MORE ON AERATION: The Mollydooker Shake

When we first tried the 2009 Mollydooker “The Boxer” Shiraz, it packed a punch. In fact, it knocked our socks off. However, the “Mollydooker Shake,” an effective form of “instant aeration,” takes a bit of courage! These vintners do the … Continue reading

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Decanting wines, especially reds, really does make a difference. Swirling the wine in the glass brings more air to the wine as well, and this helps release the wine’s lovely and living aromas. Here is a useful article called “The … Continue reading

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We have found that the BEST way to find new great wines is to go to tastings. Forget about online stores’ descriptions and even the reviews: it’s really best to build your own list from direct experience. And, we’ve learned … Continue reading

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