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Miles and Jack are back! New book, “Vertical,” by author of “Sideways”

Uh-oh, look out, kids! “Sideways” is back in the form of a play, to open soon in Santa Monica. (Visit—two readings have been staged so far.) And, Rex Pickett has written a new book called “Vertical,” available on Amazon. … Continue reading

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Consumer Wine Awards: Opportunity to be a wine judge

Consumer Wine Awards If you can be in Lodi March 17-18, and if you’re not a wine professional, you are eligible to apply to be a judge/taster/evaluator in the Consumer Wine Awards. Sounds like fun!

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Fake Bordeaux being pawned on Chinese investors

The whole wine world is waiting to see what happens to the wine market as a result of the explosion in Chinese interest, attention, and investment. But to do the wrong thing deliberately (see link) is just awful. Since expensive … Continue reading

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What a sweet, wonderful post.

My friends Steve and Diane Meltzer moved to Languedoc last year. Steve has a wonderful blog about their life there. I’m proud of them (okay, a little envious too!) for following their dreams.This post is about the grape harvest and … Continue reading

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DID YOU KNOW? 59 additives are permitted in the EU. In the U.S., only one group of these additives, sulfites, must be disclosed on the label.

Here is a list of additives permitted in wine in the EU. Many are used in U.S. wines as well: Here is an in-depth list of additives, and what they’re used for, allowed in the U.S.: Blogger Alice … Continue reading

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2011: A Great Year for California?

Many of the major California wine-growing valleys have had a tough growing season, but the longer the grapes stay on the vines, the more flavorful they become. Word has it that this year is stacking up to be a remarkable … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs

“An Apple a day keeps the doctor away.” If only that were always true. Anyhow, rest in peace, Steve Jobs, and hoist an Opus One (or two) for us. A life cut short, but Jobs well done.

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Ooh, AAH! The “Wine Enthusiast” List of Top 100 wines costing less than $15.

“Wine lovers the world over share a common complaint: Why does the stuff we so adore often seem to cost more than we can afford? This list is our antidote to rising wine prices, the remedy For what ails us. … Continue reading

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Wine Labels

Did you know … Each and every wine label must be approved by the U.S. government. The caption accompanying this photograph from the Frick Winery: “New Certificate of Label Approvals almost ready to take to the post office. Today was … Continue reading

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Grape Shatter

The wine grower is at the mercy of every vicissitude imaginable: heat, cold; moisture, drought; mold, disease; pests; government intervention; the economy; glut, scarcity; pollution, etc. This photograph of a cluster of Viognier grapes illustrates the phenomenon of “grape shatter,” … Continue reading

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