A glossary of wine-tasting terminology. Fat, filtered, fined, finish, firm, flat, fleshy, flinty, floral, forward, foxy, fresh, fruity, full-bodied, and funky: We can probably guess at the meanings of most of these, but if you open an old (and orange) Chardonnay and want to know what the heck that “off” scent and taste is, you’ll need “maderized” and “oxidized” in your vocabulary.

A round-up of many different varietals. Really informative.

UC Davis “Integrated Viticulture” online. Great information for wine-growers and -makers.

An informative article on how the nutritional supplement Co-Q10 nourishes and protects the liver. We wine snobs ALWAYS drink responsibly and take care of ourselves, paying special attention to our precious livers, which enable us to live and libate another day.

Glossary of wine terminology. We were surprised to see “pips” missing, but otherwise have no complaints.

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