Samples Policy

We are happy to try any wine from any place. We love blends, tried-and-true varietals, rare and obscure wines, and—most of all—big fat surprises. We love to learn and discern, try new wines, and build our list of go-to favorites on this amazing journey. We love good wines that are way off the beaten path, and we love good wines that can be picked up at the grocery store.

We can’t guarantee a review (we don’t publish reviews of wines we don’t care for), but we can guarantee that two or more of us will try your wine with an open mind and a cheerful heart. We can’t guarantee when the review will be published, but we will call you or send you an email when the review appears.

Besides wine, we’ll cover anything related to wine including travel, gadgets, books, etc.

Requirements? Yes:
1. If you affix a business card or some other identifier to the bottle, please don’t cover any of the labels. We need to be able to appreciate, read, and photograph your labels.
2. We love a good back-story, so feel free to send us as much information about the wine, winery, winemaker, terroir, etc., as you please, including technical/production notes.

Ship to (not a home address):
The Frugal Wine Snob
2659 NE 35th St., #25
Ocala, FL 34479

To get in touch with us, please send an email to

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