Background: My name is Carolyn Blakeslee, but four people who walk this planet call me “Mom.” I’m a food and wine writer, gardening columnist, magazine publisher (“Art Calendar” magazine for 20 years and “Natural Awakenings” for five), book editor and publisher, artist, musician, travel agent, and wine geek. I handle the day-to-day of the blog, and tastings are accomplished by yours truly, usually with friends and associates.

Goals: For the reviews and ideas here to save you time and money by eliminating some of the uncertainty surrounding purchasing wine. Ultimately this whole thing boils down to what YOU like. Please make suggestions! You like it? Tell us—we’ll try it.

Methods: We attend as many wine tastings as we can, try every wine with Beginner’s Mind, avidly study and read, ask questions, and listen to wine consultants, wine experts, and you.

P.S. Of course the picture isn’t of me.
But it’s so dang campy I couldn’t resist adopting it as my blog’s logo! :-)
Here is a picture of the real me:

5 Responses to About

  1. Jules Kragen says:

    Enjoyed the blog greatly, a reminder to upgrade the quality of my photos, and subscribed.

    Thought you would enjoy this post, it is right up your alley!




    • Thank you, Jules — I checked out your blog too, like it, and have subscribed. Photography is really becoming fun now that I’ve gotten away from just photographing the label and writing a long review. I’m about to post a mini-review of a delightful Italian rosé with a photo taken from my new iPad! Thing was clear as a BELL even after I reduced it to Web-res.

  2. Jo Diaz says:

    Thanks, Carolyn, for the link. I just added you to my Domestic Wine Blogs, too.

  3. Mike Edgerton says:

    Visiting relatives in Anthony……..would like to see your comparison between Apothic red blend and Radius red blend…..found both at Total Wine & More for $9.95.

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