RECOMMENDED: Pamukkale 2010 Kalecik Karasi, Denizli, Turkey. 13% ABV.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Tonight, I’m grateful for many people, events, and things, including the one bottle of wine I brought back from Turkey, the Pamukkale Wines Kalecik Karasi. Yummy with dinner!

You probably won’t be able to find the Pamukkale wines in the United States, but I understand they’re available here and there in Europe. For my U.S. friends, if you can find Kalecik Karasi by any winemaker, I strongly recommend that you give it a try. It’s different from the varieties we all know and love. In many ways, it’s similar to Pinot Noir: lighter in color and weight than Big Reds, and similar in effect/food-pairing function — but the fruit flavors are different. A little cassis, spice, and cherry; flavorful and mouth-filling. Definitely a wine worth seeking out even if it’s off the beaten path.


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