2017 Due Mari Sangiovese I.G.T., Puglia, Italy. 12.5% ABV.

Through a Groupon deal, I paid $54 for a 15-bottle case of red wines from Wine Insiders, plus shipping ($29.95).

At an average of $5.60 per bottle including shipping, I expected some “weeknight wines” among the mix, but I didn’t expect a wine as extraordinary as this Sangiovese.

With a color of dark but clear magenta, its mouthfeel is equally clear and smooth. It’s round mid-palate, but it’s also fruit-forward, juicy, and mouth-watering. The elegant aromas of vanilla and baking spices offer hints of the lovely, dry, balanced, elegant wine to follow with cherry, white pepper, violets, and plum added to the flavors promised by the intriguing aromas.

This is the third wine I’ve sampled from my Wine Insiders box of surprises and it’s a winner. I would be proud to serve this at a dinner party or give it as a gift — but honestly, you could drink it by itself and enjoy it from start to finish. According to Wine-Searcher.com, it was available last year at $24/bottle. The Wine Insiders web site shows it as retailing for $17.49, and available from them for $11.99/bottle.

Due Mari is produced by Castellani Spa, a family winery that started producing in the late 19th century and started exporting in 1903; their wines are produced from their six Tuscany estates.

For the Due Mari line, they seem to be working mostly if not exclusively through wine clubs. Besides Wine Insiders, Kroger offers a half-case of Molto Bene Reds that include two bottles of this Sangiovese as well as two bottles of 2016 Due Mari Montepulciano d’Abruzzo D.O.C.

Wine Insiders

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