RECOMMENDED: Primal Roots 2011 White Blend, California. 13% ABV, around $10.

Primal Roots has made a tasty white blend consisting of 50% Viognier, 20% French Colombard, 15% Riesling, and 15% Gewürztraminer. We enjoyed the contrast of its Sauvignon Blanc-like acidity, and its somewhat sweet, Moscato-like floral notes. A hint of cinnamon and lychee added to its charm. It was the perfect summer sipper during our weekend at the beach; it’s definitely off the beaten path and would pair well with seafood.

LABEL: Sensual and beautiful wines rooted in the art of winemaking. This intriguing fusion of wine begins with Viognier, French Colombard, Riesling, Gewürztraminer, which is artfully blended to create a mouthwatering, sensual wine. The sweet floral aroma of honeysuckle leads to crisp and refreshing flavors of peach, apricot and lychee that are truly captivating.

WINERY NOTES: The harvest year 2011 proved to be of high quality among the white varietals. The growing season was mild, allowing the grapes to ripen slowly and steadily. Most of the blend, 70%, is from the North Valley, and majority of the balance is from Central Coast. Both areas provided grapes that had developed concentrated flavors and were true to variety.

The Viognier makes up 50 of the blend and provides honeysuckle, peach, and apricot as well as a creamy texture. The French Colombard adds the bright and crisp acidity. It also contributes a hint of spice to the blend. Riesling lends a very floral orange blossom note, which balances well with the fruit. Gewürztraminer is known for its lychee and spicy characters. This variety adds complexity to the final blend, making it a truly sensual and captivating wine.

The fruit is harvested at optimal ripeness, when the flavors and acids are in balance. The fruit is crushed and pressed as soon as it arrives to the winery. We clarify juice so there are no more than 2% solids. It is kept at a cool temperature throughout fermentation,
55-60°F, which retains much of the volatile aromas. After fermentation is complete, the juice is racked to assist in clarification. It does not go through malolactic fermentation and is not aged on oak. This blend is made to be bright, fruity, mouthwatering, and sensual.

WEB: Not much is happening there, but if you search for “Primal Roots” and “Constellation” you will be able to find more information.

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    I don’t think they make the white blend anymore, but the red still seems to be made. Visit You might be able to find some bottles of white on

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