Wow, what a grand idea, with or without the popsickle stick. Enjoy!

This recipe, by Joy the Baker (Joy Wilson), looks like one of the most delicious to come down the pike in a long time: Bite-sized Baked Brie. This link came to my attention from Ben Carter, friend and blogger extraordinaire at Benito’s Wine Reviews. I mean, puff pastry filled with brie and wild cherry jam—can you imagine a Zinfandel with this? Wowzers.

Cherie Savage, one of our readers on our blog’s Facebook platform, responded, “Oh, my….yes! My head is spinning…brie and jam sounds delicous! But…what about chevre and mushrooms, swiss and spinach, cheddar and apples, gruyere and caramelized onion, etc., etc., etc.!” And I thought duxelles mushrooms would be great too.

Anyhow, the possibilities are endless. What an easy and elegant appetizer or snack. Bon appétit!

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