Music Played on Wine Glasses (The Glass Harp), played by The Glass Duo

I have to say, sometimes the Internet is downright miraculous. This version of Tchaikovsky’s “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies” is just GORGEOUS. 

Anna and Arkadiusz Szafraniec, “The Glass Duo,” are the only glass music group in Poland. Professional musicians, they lay down their violin and trumpet and left the Baltic Philharmonic Orchestra in Gdansk when they discovered and began to master the glass harp, amazed by its technical and expressive possibilities.

They have brought their glass music to the stages of many renowned concert halls. By rejecting stereotypes, they have enriched the music world with sounds which are subtle, sophisticated, and truly unique.

They perform both solo concerts and concerts with additional musicians. They’ve performed with string quartets, various chamber ensembles, even symphony orchestras, including The National Orchestra of Poland. They have had several world premieres of musical works composed especially for them. They have also made numerous recordings for radio, TV and theatre productions. The Glass Duo has performed at many local and international festivals as well.

The Szafraniecs say their glass harp “is now nearly five octaves, which, as far as we know, makes our instrument the biggest glass harp in the world.”

They use the term “glass harp” coined by Bruno Hoffman, “the greatest promoter of glass music in 20th century, who created the term because of its resemblance to the aeolian harp,” they say. “Personally, we like the term coined by Richard Pockridge, who called the ‘singing wine glasses’ The ‘Angelic Organ.’”

Surprisingly, original works were composed especially for glass instruments by many composers including Mozart and Beethoven. The Szafraniecs say, “We have several such works in our repertoire, but we try to promote glass music not only with original literature, but rather with our favorite pieces of music. We play mostly our own arrangements, but also works composed especially for us by other composers.”



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  1. Clarissa says:

    how do u play mary had a little lamb on wine glasses i need all the information. how much water in each glass, how to play it on glasses please help me!!!!!

    • The harps this couple plays are professionally made instruments and I doubt the glasses move — however, you could try different-sized glasses and shapes and see if you can come up with enough different tones to play “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” Sounds like a fun project!

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