Drink your absolute favorite wine.

Drink wine that makes you happy.

Drink the wine that was so delicious you couldn’t even talk about it, you had to just go “man” or “oh, wow.”

Drink wine that makes you feel grateful to be alive.

Drink wine you’ve always wanted to share with your loved ones.

Drink the wine you enjoyed with your sweetheart when you first fell in love with each other.

That is all!

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  1. Bob Palmeri says:

    In our extended family we often have the new Beaujolais which has just become available a couple days earlier. We feel it fits the occasion. First, if wine had been available to the early NE settlers, its quality and qualities would have been similar to the primeur wines which the French make available. Second, traditional Thanksgiving fare is not haute cuisine and does not call for a select wine. Another choice would be a Loire red like a Bourgueil. If you are going American, then a light-hearted Zinfandel will do the trick. However, a non-traditional style of cooking like nouvelle cuisine or fusion versions of traditional ingredients might call for a more select wine.

    • It’s all about “Drink what you like!” Really a lot of fun to discover so many treasures priced at less than $20. We had a fun Beaujolais Nouveau by Georges Duboeuf around Christmastime — priced at less than $10.

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