RECOMMENDED: Flipflop 2010 Pinot Noir, California. $5.99. 13.5% ABV.

COLOR: Clear ruby. Nice legs.
AROMA: Raspberry. A brewed, steeped orange tea. Just a little bit of oak. Cinnamon toast. A beautiful, rich nose.
TASTE: Black currant. Cherry pie. Tea and orange. The tiniest bit of pepper emerged a third of the way through—SO much more pleasant than the spiciness I experience with most Pinot Noirs. Smooth, dangerously drinkable. Don’t forget to chew and swish! I’m not used to a medium-bodied, smooth Pinot Noir, but I like this very much. It’s nearly thin, yet it doesn’t suffer at all from the texture.
FINISH: Surprisingly long.

These folks really know what they’re doing. This refined yet rich, satisfying, and versatile wine tastes like it is WAY more expensive. We enjoyed this with grilled hamburger patties with bacon and cheese.

LABEL NOTES: Medium-bodied, structured Pinot Noir with bright cherry, sweet spice and a supple, velvety finish. Cola aromas and hints of vanilla pair with grilled mahi-mahi, bacon-wrapped shrimp or chocolate chip cookies. Serve at room temperature now or store away from direct sunlight for up to two years after purchase.

15,000 cases produced.


As winemaker David Georges says, “We like to make seriously good wines, but not take ourselves too seriously in the process.” Their protests about seriousness aside, for each bottle sold, they donate a pair of flip-flops to the needy (visit

For our review of Flipflop’s 2010 Pinot Grigio and more information about the winery and winemaker, please refer to

Sample received for review purposes. (And, as is the case with the Flipflop Pinot Grigio, we have also purchased subsequent bottles of the Flipflop Pinot Noir on our own, because these wines are just plain good and amazingly inexpensive.)

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3 Responses to RECOMMENDED: Flipflop 2010 Pinot Noir, California. $5.99. 13.5% ABV.

  1. Hey! Thank you so much for reviewing Flipflop wines. We’re very glad you enjoy the Pinot Noir!

    Also, thank you for mentioning Soles4Souls! We at Soles4Souls really appreciate the dedication and community involvement of Flipflop wines. They truly do give back to the community! We hope your readers will choose to purchase Flipflop and therefore put a pair of shoes on someone.

    Thanks again!

  2. tom says:

    i have 11 bottles of flip flop pinot noir that has been in box outside for about a year and half is it still good? thanks tom

  3. Carolyn says:

    The only way to know is to try it.

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