RECOMMENDED: 2010 Fish Eye Pinot Grigio. $4.99 to 9.99, usually $8.99 in the grocery store. Refreshing and versatile. 12.5% ABV. South Australia.

Just delightful! The perfect wine for a summer evening. It presents with a rich golden color with just a hint of green—much more chardonnay-like than I expected.

It’s mouth-filling, slightly sweet, and beautifully balanced, with a surprisingly long finish. This wine is very satisfying to drink by itself. However, I believe it would stand up beautifully to a spicy Thai dinner. Furthermore, it would be the perfect wine to take to a summer picnic, a party, or just to enjoy at home with a chick flick.

WHAT SNOOTH HAS TO SAY: Pinot Grigio is one of the world’s most popular wines. Also known under the French moniker “Pinot Gris,” and even the German “Ruländer” among others, Pinot Grigio is a chameleon of a grape. It is produced in a range of styles, from the light fruity Italian style that has gained popularity, to a more mineral, flinty rich wine favored by the French—particularly in Alsace—and emulated by many in the new world.

Sounds a little like Riesling, doesn’t it?

VINTNER’S NOTES: It is said in the land down under that when a fisherman has an especially good catch, the man’s got the “Fish Eye.” He seems to have a sixth sense about where the fish are and how to catch their attention. Fish Eye wines are fresh and vibrant and put a little fun back into your day. Our wines are crafted in South Eastern Australia, where the sun shines brighter, the land is larger than life and the fish are measured in feet, not inches. In a small New South Wales town called Griffith, Australia, you’ll find eye-popping vineyards as far as the eye can see, with grapes ready to jump out of their vines and transform into mouth-watering wines. [This Pinot Grigio is] refreshing and flavorful, with a pleasant touch of ripe peach and citrus. A delightful finish that leaves an everlasting impression on the palate.

• Platinum, 2009, Critics Challenge International Wine Competition
• Double Gold, 2011, Florida State Fair International Wine & Grape Juice Competition
• Silver, 2011, Monterey Wine Competition
• Silver, 2010, San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

1. Chill well.
2. Skip the 2009; it was thin and flat compared with the 2010. Contrary to Wine Snob Mythology, most wines are meant to be enjoyed when they are young, rather than stored away and made the object of Wine Snobbism. This wine is the perfect example of that fact.
3. Maybe I’m imagining things, but I liked this wine better in the bottle than from the Octavin box.

Remember to chew and swish! 🙂

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